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Multiple Heritage Project- UK PDF Print E-mail

"This is our contribution to the mix-d race discussion.

Its not just a Black and White thing.


About Bradley Lincoln, Founder

Hello, my name is Bradley Lincoln and I am the founder of the Multiple Heritage Project. I want to share with you what I have learnt from our work across the country. This is my contribution to the ongoing discussion about mix-d indentity...let me tell you where this all began.

My Father is Black Jamaican and my mother is White British. When I was young I had an experience that went something like this...

My parents split up when I was about four and I would visit my Dad at weekends and go on holidays with him and his second family. During one holiday I was called names and got into a fight with some boys. After the fight my Dad asked what all the fuss was about. I told him the boys had called me a "nigger" and "blackie". He responded by saying: "...Well, you are not Black, so what are you worrying about?"... Read More

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