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Some Asians' college strategy: Don't check 'Asian' 3272
Tell Me More's Summer Blend Book Club exploring being mixed race and multircultural, NPR, 2011 3512
Marvel's Mixed Race "Ultimate Spider-Man", Huffington Post, 2011 2938
Ken Tanabe and Marcia Dawkins discuss interracial relationships on CityLine Boston, 2011 3331
Pushing Boundaries, Mixed-Race Artists Gain Notice, NYT, 2011 3449
The Parenting Dilemma of Transracial Adoption, NPR, 2011 1476
Mixing it up: Multiracialism redefines Asian American identity, SF Gate, 2011 7708
Counting by Race Can Throw Off Some Numbers, NYT 2011 2142
Black? White? Asian? More Young Americans Choose All of the Above, NYT, 2011 2057
Exploring Racial Ambiguity, The Standford Daily, 2011 1391
What Needs To Be Said on MLK Day, Seattle Times, 2011 1209
The Hidden Factors of the Transracial Adoption Debate 2289
Transracial adoption article - Wisconsin State Journal 1498
All White in Barking: Vice Magazine 2558
Video From Angle Event Reopens Subject of Race, NYT, 2010 1398
Angle Says Students �Look Asian�, NYT, 2010 1127
Danielle Evans, an author straddling racial divides 2336
School's race rule prompts mom to pull kids out, AP, 2010 4478
Interracial marriage still rising, but not as fast, AP, 2010 2044
Obama Census Choice: African-American, Huffington Post, 2010 4565
Federal Way schools refuse to guess student ethnicities, Federal WayMirror, 2010 4650
AMEA publishes 2010 Census resources 1580
New Generation Doesn't Blink at Interracial Relationships 1977
Jill Scott On Interracial Dating 12824
Census 2010: New Twist on Race Question, Elliot Lewis, 2009 1187
2010 Census: Think Twice, Check Once, The Huffington Post, 2010 1665
An Ancestry of African-Native Americans, Smithsonian, 2010 2262
Schools get specific on race, The Olympian (Washington), 2010 1478
Multiracial no longer boxed in by the Census, USA Today, 2010 2528
Adoptive families' quests to trace Chinese roots often meet dead ends, LA Times, 2009 2188
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