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AMEA's primary goal is to educate and advocate on behalf of multiethnic individuals and families by collaborating with others to eradicate all forms of discrimination. We believe that every child, every person who is multiethnic/multiracial has the same right as any other person to assert a personal identity that embraces the fullness and integrity of their actual ancestry, and that every multiethnic/multiracial family, whether biological or adoptive, has the same right to grow and develop as any other, and that our children have the right to love and respect each of their parents equally. We also believe that a positive awareness of interracial and multicultural identity is one of the essential keys to unlocking America's, and also the world's, profound difficulty with the issues of race and interethnic relations.

We are convinced that our community is uniquely situated to confront these issues because of the special experiences and understanding we acquire in the intimacy of our families and our personalities.

Ideally, we believe our community has the potential of becoming a stable core around which the ethnic pluralism of this country is unified, and perhaps, an anchor for promoting understanding and peace among the nations of the world.

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