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Born in the United States in 1976, Julie Thi Underhill began to photograph in 1994. Influenced by her aesthetics as a painter and by her preference to remain unobtrusive, she uses only exisiting light for her portraits and landscapes.  Julies' 1997 Mexico sereis and 1998 Afric series awakend her social consciousness as a photographer.  While meeitng her family in 1999, Julie began a series on Viet Nam, her mother's homeland.  She continued this work in 2001 during her study of the war that joined her Cham-French mother and American father.  For Crossing Fire, her forthcoming documentary about postwar healing discussions between Vietnamese and Salvadoran women.  Julie also visited El Salvador in 2002, to photograph sites of remembrance and to interview wormn organizers and war survivors.
Through her 2005-2006 fellowship with the William Joiner Center for the Study of War & Social Conseuences at University of Massachusetts-Boston, Julie studies the history, matrilinealism, and cultural survival of the Cham, whose 1,500-year-old kingdom the Vietnamese displaced.  In 2006, she will return to Viet Name to photogrph, film, and participae in her Cham grandmother's second burial near Phan Rang.  She will conduct this cermony with her mother, who has not returned to Viet Nam since evacuating during the Fall of Saigon in April 1975.
A 2000 graduate from the Evergreen State College, in Olympia, WA, Julie currently lives in Portland, OR.
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