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Dave Liang: The Shanghai Restoration Project PDF Print E-mail
About the Project: Traditional Chinese instruments meet Hip-Hop & Electronica. 

An experiment in cross-cultural soundscapes, The Shanghai Restoration Project draws its creative inspiration from the old 1930s Shanghai jazz bands, an early combination of East and West that's become an international legend. The Project revives this exotic blend by introducing Eastern instruments and rhythms to the Western sounds of hip-hop, jazz, and electronica. 

The Shanghai Restoration Project debuted as MSN Music’s “New Artist of the Week” in early 2006 and became the #1 Electronic Album on the site during the month of January. 

Since then, it has appeared in iTunes’ Top 20 Electronic Albums in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Japan, where the project was featured as the “Single of the Week” in November 2006. In April 2007, the introductory track was selected as the theme song for a worldwide advertisement campaign for Kenzo Parfums, a division of Louis Vuitton. 
In late 2007, The Shanghai Restoration Project partnered with China Records (the Chinese government's record label) to release "Remixed and Restored Vol. 1", remixing original recordings of well known 20th century Shanghai jazz songs. 

The Shanghai Restoration Project is currently signed to Warner Music's Independent Label Group

About the Producer: 
Producer Dave Liang has worked with artists on Bad Boy, Motown, and Universal Records. His music has been featured in films such as "Red Doors" (Winner TriBeCa Film Festival '05), on tastemaker radio stations such as KCRW and NPR, and in clubs and lounges the world over.
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