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 Justin Bradshaw

Justin enjoyed playing make-believe long before He-Man toys looked like they were on steroids and Transformers went digital.  As a kid, he engineered elaborate worlds for his toys to inhabit, creating adventures that at times took him and the characters weeks to play out.  His love for drama continued through adolescence and high school, resulting in his involvement in numerous theatre productions.  Justin’s passion for storytelling led him to UCLA’s film school where he graduated with a BA in film production.

It was during his years in film school that Justin’s passion for storytelling began to merge with his desire to express his mixed race identity.  His focus shifted from toys and make-believe to reality and believing that mixed race identity is an integral thread in the tapestry of race relations not only in this country, but the world.  In 2006, he founded This Justin Productions, a production company dedicated to telling stories of mixed heritage “for us and in our own words.”  He has produced short documentaries, created imaginative video art, and helped other storytellers and performers showcase their own mixed voices.   In the short span of two years, he has had the privilege of working with some of the most notable names in the Mixed Race Community including artist Kip Fulbeck, Swirl Inc.’s founder Jen Chau, and producers Darby Li Po Price and Teja Arboleda of the mixed race comedians documentary Crossing the Line.

Always one to explore uncharted territory, Justin’s current video art is housed online and encourages its viewers to engage in constructive conversations about race through social networking sites like Youtube, Myspace, and Facebook. Most recently, Justin assisted in producing spork*: A Festival of Short (Mixed) Plays, which was a first of its kind theatre festival in New York City dedicated to the “in-betweener” experience: people that live between races, cultures, ethnicities, beliefs, and ideas.

Official Website:

The Pendulum (Film)
Back, Forth, and In-Between: A Meditation on Mixed Race Identity
by Justin Bradshaw

 The Pendulum is a non-traditional documentary that illustrates the personal back and forth often associated with being between races.  By juxtaposing iconic imagery and archival footage that spans several decades of American history, The Pendulum explores the constellations of contradictions that litter the landscape of identity for people of mixed race.  Strongly influenced by music’s mash-up genre, the editing aesthetic of The Pendulum, coupled with syncopated and deliberate pacing, shows the progression of two distinct entities as they merge into a third.  Inspired by my family’s mid-western beginnings and my own reconciliation process, The Pendulum is an exercise in opening one’s mind to see the world beyond black and white.

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