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Mixed Roots Movement™ aims to challenge perceptions, provide a place for the mixed-race, trans-racially adopted, inter-racial & inter-religious married families to celebrate their heritages and unions while educating others about their unique experiences.

Mixed Roots aims to faciliate the action of bridging the gaps between racial, ethnic, cultural & religious differences. We promote the notion that it is better to get to know one another than to fear or dislike one another because we don't know enough about one another.  We do not promote  the notion of being "color blind".  Instead we believe it important to redifine how we view one another.  There's a fine line but we sit on the side of the line that believes in recognizing our differences in a way to learn about and celebrate one anothers roots. Addiionally, Mixed Roots movement™ aims to connect, network, share ideas, educate, get educated, advocate  as well as explore ways to build awareness about the mixed-race experience and community on a variety of levels. 


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