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Journal Articles & Other Scholarly Works
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Passing as Black, Social Psychology Quarterly 1795
Adoption satisfaction of Black adopted children 1282
American Psychological Association - Discrimination as post adoption risk factor 1407
American Psychological Association - Mixed Race identification journal article 1685
Evan B, Donaldson Adoption Institute 1091
Interpretation of Multiracial Status & It's Relation to Social Engagement and ... 1577
Now is America's biracial moment, Society of Professional Journalists, 2009 2384
Justice, ethnicity, and stem-cell banks, The Lancet, 2004 1607
Understanding the Epistemology of Ethnic Identity Development in Multiethnic College Students 1825
Mental Health And Biracial Asian Americans, 2008 2987
The Educational Costs of Being Multiracial, 2002 (Full Text) 1882
Race and Law in Adoption from Foster Care (Report) 1592
Intermarriage Paterns and Socio-Ethnic Stratification Among Ethnic Groups in Toronto 1583
Public Stem Cell Banks: Considerations of Justice in Stem Cell Research and Therapy 1530
Bridging Between Two Standards for Collecting Information on Race and Ethnicity... 1533
The Role of Reported Primary Race on Health Measures for Multiple Race Respondents 1644
Impact of Multiple Race Reporting on Rural Health Policy and Analysis 1430
We Are Metis. A Metis View of the Development of a Native Canadian People. 1438
The Quiet Heritage = L'Heritage Tranquille. Proceedings from a Conference ... 1557
Categories and Terrains of Exclusion: Constructing the "Indian Woman" in the Early Settlement ... 8684
The Thatcher Government in Saskatchewan and the Revival of Metis Nationalism, 1964-71. 1558
The Metis Betterment Act: History and Current Status. 2038
The Evolution of the Term Mulatto: A Chapter in Black-Native American Relations. 2298
Integrated Circuitry: Catharine Brown across Gender, Race, and Religion 1821
Native American Identity 1591
Ego Development and Ethnic Identity Formation in Rural American Indian Adolescents 1635
Examining the Bicultural Ethnic Identity of Adolescents of a Northeastern Indian Tribe 2116
Contested Conversations: ...National Museum of the American Indian 1457
Unrestricted Territory: Gender, Two Spirits, and Louise Erdrich's "The Last Report on the Miracles a 2649
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