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An Adopted Way of Life 1676
10 Movies that Should Have Interracial Sex by Greg Carter 4155
Being Biracial and Biculturally Incompetent By: M. Avery 5317
GI Babies' in the Philippines By: DW Alliance 5234
Vietnamese Amerasians: Where do they belong? By: Thanh Tran 4801
Stuck in the Middle By: Lisa See 11870
Vietnamese Amerasians in America By: Asian Nation 4316
The Children They Left Behind By: Indira A. R. Lakshmanan, Globe Staff 3969
Amerasians struggle with identity crisis By: Cristina Ko 5735
Children of the Dust By: Kay Johnson 1434
Amerasians: Neither here nor there By: The Washington Times 1258
Left by the Ship By: Clarence Henderson 1426
Amerasians in the Philippines By: Carlos Bongioanni 5519
Blasian & Jewish: How will my kids identify? By: Andrew Polk 7336
Behind the Scenes: Is Barack Obama black or biracial? 1327
Multiracial Americans surge in number, voice. MSNBC, May 2008 1406
Trends in the U.S. Multiracial Population from 1990-2000, an ESRI White Paper 1242
We the People of More Than One Race. 2000 Census Special Report, April 2005 1124
What are the Strengths of Interracial Families? by Kelly N. Burrello, 2363
Mixed and Proud of It 1203
Obama: The Ultimate BLUR 1366
Barack Obama is White!, Miami Herald 2008 2694
8 Things NEVER to say to a Mixed Race Colleague 10530
Andrew Jolivette's Report on the Health and Wellness of Multiracial Youth in the Bay Area 2599
Barack Obama Straddles Different Worlds, AP, 2007 1470
Psst: Obama's a black man, Seattle Times Editorial, 2007 2168
Adoptees and identity: Answering "Who Am I?" can be a long, complicated journey, Seattle Times, 2005 1311
Race isn't as clear as black and white, Seattle Times, 2005 1145
Mavin answers the question: what are you? 1155
Multiracial Struggle: `I've Always Had To Choose', Seattle Times, 1996 1172
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