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Multiracial and tearing down old hierarchy, Seattle Times, 2003 980
Multiracial patients fight uphill battle for marrow, AP, 2005 980
Book helps parents impart coping skills, self-esteem to multiracial children, Seattle Times, 2003. 1019
Multiracial youth see their faces in pop culture, Seattle PI, April 2001. 972
Multiracial Identification Might Affect Programs, New York Times, March 2001 970
Panel Balks at Multiracial Census Category, New York Times, July 1997 959
Poll Finds Few Support Label Of Multiracial, New York Times, May 1997 976
Multiracial Americans Ready To Claim Their Own Identity, New York Times, July 1996 1119
U.S. Officials Are Struggling to Measure Multiracial Heritages , New York Times, June 1998 1176
Who Are We? New Dialogue on Mixed Race, New York Times, March 2008 2208
Mixed Messenger: What it means to have a biracial candidate..., New York Times, March 2008 1221
Passing Narratives 1826
Passing For White in Jim Crow America 3004
Black Welsh Identity 1302
"Is that Your Child?”: Successful Strategies for Mothering Biracial Children 1407
Multiracial man (The Obama campaign... ), February 2008 1020
White Supremacist Group to allow members of Mixed Heritage,, October 2007 1092
Fewer Americans call themselves multiracial, USA Today, May 2007 1296
A love match? That's so last century, Toronto Star, March 15, 2008 2420
New study shows biracial couples invest more in kids 1318
Blood Quantum: A Relic of Racism and Termination 1571
Indian Identity is Important Discussion (Indian Country Today, 2002) 1166
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